Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Inspired by a friend's admonition to get off the Internet if I want to feel better, I'm attempting to NOT get on the Web or the PC this week when I get home from work. I will do my finances tomorrow night (that's when I've scheduled to do them), but no free-surfing. Only the task at hand.

Along with that, I've decided to try NOT bookmarking stuff this week, either at home or at work, unless it's something I need today, right now. I've accumulated so many "to read" or "to look at later" bookmarks that it's suffocating; like piling magazines in the closet knowing that you'll read them "some day." I just spent the weekend clearing out my magazine closet and don't want to have to do the same to my bookmarks. What with Google and delicious and Bloglines, I see little need to bookmark much of anything nowadays.

My bookmarking problem is irritated by my having so many bookmark tools: PowerMarks (my preferred tool, Windows-only), Furl, delicious, Yahoo's My Web, and Yahoo's Bookmarks tool (a close second to PowerMarks). Time to evaluate what I really need and what I want to spend time maintaining.