Sunday, April 17, 2005

BioWork-related Links

During the winter of 2005, I took the BioWork program at Durham Technical Community College. It's a 128-hour course designed to re-tool students to work in biotechnology manufacturing. Given that this area is losing lots of unskilled and skilled manufacturing jobs, and since this area is also attracting biotech manufacturing facilities, BioWork is a good attempt to re-educate a workforce to take on these new manufacturing jobs. Also, for many biotech firms, a BioWork degree equates to 6 months of work experience.

Following are locations related to the biotech industry in North Carolina. Some are to the companies, others to non-profits, associations, or other job-search sites. [If I have time, I'll eventually add live links, but right now, it's enough to list them.]

Hatteras BioCapital
NC Medical Device Organization (NCMD)
NC Center for Entrepreneurial Development
voyager pharmaceutical

Staffing Services

ADDENDUM: Durham Tech has since added many supporting chem courses to its biotech line-up.