Friday, February 04, 2005

A monthly hit of friendly comics journalism

In my Yahoo Bookmarks, I have a subfolder called "Monthly," which stores about 5 or 6 places I like to visit whenever the monthly odometer turns back to 1. One of the sites I like spending time with is Sequential Tart, comics news and interviews from the distaff members of the happy tribe. The interviews, articles, and columns are right-sized, lightly spun, and just fun to read in a way the Comics Journal isn't. One of this month's sub-themes seems to be "fangirls, making of" and "comics pros, fangirls turning into".

The column I never miss is Pam Bliss' Hopelessly Lost but Making Good Time, which chronicles making minicomics from initial idea, to the tools to use, writing the script, making the breakdowns, creating the world (her latest series), all the way to getting it copied and stapling them one-by-one. She's up to Column #47 this month. And she adds her own dos centavos on the fangirl theme. Pam also has her own website where she sells her minicomics and also has a few printed and stapled collections of her "Hopelessly Lost" columns.